LinkedIn – 25 Best Workplaces to Grow your Career

21st April 2023

Posted In: Be In The Frame

LinkedIn Top Companies is a ranking of the 25 best workplaces to grow a career.

Backed by unique LinkedIn data measuring different elements of career progression, the list reveals companies such as Gilead SciencesFlutter Entertainment Plc and Dell Technologies that are helping their employees to build careers that will set them up for long-term success.

This year continues to bring waves of disruption in the labour market. Despite strong hiring numbers, economic uncertainty and news of layoffs persist – prompting many professionals to seek their best next career move and employers to rethink how they attract, retain and develop talent.

The 2nd LinkedIn Top Companies Ireland list is the resource to find the 25 best Irish workplaces to grow your career right now. The methodology looks at components such as how employees are advancing both within a company and when they leave, how they’re upskilling while employed there, and more – revealing companies that help set people up to get ahead in their careers.

When compiling the list, LinkedIn also considered factors like attrition and layoffs. Companies that have laid off 10% or more of their workforce between Jan. 1, 2022 and the list launch, based on public announcements – or that have attrition greater than 10%, based on LinkedIn data – are ineligible to rank. A number of the companies on the list have had layoffs under that threshold over the past year – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hiring. LinkedIn News Europe Get Hired Editor Jennifer Ryan digs into what to consider before going to work for a company that has recently laid people off here.

And now to the companies: