Kellogg Company Reaches Gender Parity Target Three Years Ahead of 2025 Goal

1st March 2023

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Kellogg Europe, the cereal and snacks company, has reached its goal of having 50% male and female representation at manager level and above throughout its European organisation.

Additionally, in Ireland, 57.1% of the senior executive leaders are female.

This achievement comes three years ahead of schedule, as the goal was due to be reached by the end of 2025. Kellogg Company is a foundational member of the LEAD Network (Leading Executives Advancing Diversity) and David Lawlor, President Kellogg Europe, signed the LEAD CEO Pledge in 2019, to support its commitment to gender parity and to help drive inclusion in the European retail and consumer goods industry.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) have always been at the heart of our food company and can be traced back over 100 years to its founder, W.K. Kellogg, who pioneered employing women in the workplace.

Kellogg has implemented industry leading employee policies and employee support schemes, including the recently introduced workplace policies focusing on the menopause, pregnancy loss and fertility treatment.

It also has gender 50:50 employee resource groups across Europe, that foster belonging and create a culture of sharing ideas that promote the representation of women.

David Lawlor, President, Kellogg Europe and signatory of the LEAD Network CEO Pledge, said: “We are so proud to have reached our target as a result of our intentional focus on gender parity. We have accelerated our efforts around women in leadership and we have invested in developing and promoting female talent throughout our organisation.

“I believe we have created an environment and a culture, where our female leaders not only belong but are shaping the future of the business. We have built a pipeline of initiatives to ensure this isn’t just a moment, but a movement for our business and the benefits of making this progress are clear to us.”

Tammy Winnie, HR VP, Kellogg Europe, said: “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) are part of our culture and purpose where everyone has a place at the table. To have reached our 50:50 goal, ahead of schedule, is a testament to the work our teams have been doing to prioritise gender equality in the workplace and who go beyond intent and words to real, tangible results. Our continued partnership with the LEAD Network, remains as important as ever, to ensure we continue moving in the right direction.”

Allyson Zimmermann, CEO, LEAD Network, said: “Employers like Kellogg are a strong example of what commitment to making gender inequality a thing of the past looks like. Since signing the pledge in 2019, Kellogg has been an engaged partner and its results show what can be achieved with focus, investment, and dedication. We call on all employers to be bolder, braver, and faster in achieving the gender parity goal.”

Pictured: David Lawlor, President, Kellogg Europe and Gráinne O’Brien, Senior Director for Corporate Affairs, Kellogg Europe. (Image – Andres Poveda).