Adrienne Gormley Joins Monta Board

28th March 2023

Posted In: So In Demand

Adrienne Gormley has joined the board of directors at Monta, a leading EV software start-up. Adrienne brings with her over 25 years’ experience in scaling software SAAS companies, including Google, Dropbox, and N26. In joining the Board, she will guide the company towards sustainable growth, ensuring the company takes the right path to tackle the broad range of opportunities ahead in Ireland and across Monta’s seven other markets.

When asked about her decision to join Monta’s Board, Adrienne said: “The EV sector is a nascent industry that has huge growth potential in aiding Europe’s transition to sustainable transport solutions. The Monta product is very customer-centric, with a clear and strong user experience that is truly improving EV charging and useability across Europe. I can see this evolving as EV usage becomes more mainstream and mass-market adoption of EVs becomes a reality.”

Adrienne’s experience with Nordic companies, such as Pleo and Epidemic Sound, aligns with her passion for disruptive, scaling tech. She sees an enormous opportunity for Ireland to move the market forward in EV adoption, and sees Monta best placed to capitalise on this important transition. As her home market, she is committed to ensuring that Ireland is a market leader in EV adoption and infrastructure.

“Ireland is a rapidly evolving market for EV adoption. With a reputation for adopting and nurturing new technologies, Ireland is in a strong position to capitalise on new EV opportunities.

The Government’s Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Strategy 2022 – 2025 launched earlier in the year will be an important enabler for EV market participants. Monta’s interoperability solutions between charge point operators and network providers will be an important catalyst in ensuring charge points are easy to access for all Irish EV drivers,” Adrienne added.

“We are thrilled to have Adrienne join our board of directors,” said Ricky Hill, Country Manager for Monta in Ireland. “Her wealth of leadership experience in the Irish and European markets will be invaluable as we accelerate our growth journey in Ireland and beyond. We look forward to working with Adrienne in ensuring we maximise our potential in the Irish market and achieve our mission of creating accessible EV charging solutions for all Irish drivers now and into the future.”

Adrienne is currently CEO of Setforth, a new company focused on acquiring and growing small SaaS businesses and is also on the board of Copenhagen-based startup Pleo and Stockholm-based Epidemic Sound. Her skills in scaling organisations, particularly in international growth, will be invaluable to Monta as it continues to expand.