Remote and Hybrid Working – ‘A Must Have’

16th February 2023

Posted In: FYI

The Cpl Salary Guide 2023, an in-depth look at 16 different sectors and a regional view of Ireland’s talent market, finds that the Irish job market will be characterised by the evolution of key trends and developments stemming from the pandemic.

The Cpl Candidate Survey, which informed the Salary Guide, shows a growing emphasis on remote work and flexible working arrangements. The accelerated shift towards digital transformation saw remote work become the mainstay for many employees. People adopted this new way of working and the benefits it brought.

Many now see remote and hybrid working arrangements as a ‘must-have’. As a result, many companies seek to hire employees skilled in digital technologies who can work effectively in a remote environment.

Despite recent job losses in the tech industry, the talent market for technical skills in areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is growing. The demand is also spreading as companies see the potential for these technologies to drive business growth.

Investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is on the rise. Companies are recognising the ethical and business importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

To achieve this goal, companies are actively seeking to hire individuals from under-represented groups and foster an inclusive workplace culture that values and supports everyone. The ultimate objective is to create an environment where all employees feel valued and included.

Ireland’s talent market is expected to remain competitive in 2023, according to the Guide. Top talent will continue to command high salaries and attractive benefits packages. Companies are also looking at other ways of retaining and attracting the best employees. Many are investing in health and wellness programs and training and development opportunities.

While salaries are rising, the big focus this year will continue to be flexible working. Employees are seeking more than just a good salary. Work-life balance, meaningful work, learning & development opportunities, more annual leave days and hybrid working are some of the areas dominating the new ‘how we work’ discussion.

Lorna Conn, Cpl CEO said: “For employers, recruitment and retention will continue to be a challenge. Getting ahead of the curve and winning the battle for talent is going to require innovative thinking that goes beyond salary increases and extra benefits.

A company’s reputation, sustainability credentials and prospects will all feature heavily in candidates’ minds”.

The Guide shows that qualified and experienced staff will continue to hold power at the negotiation table. Employees will be looking for companies offering them a great package, including personalised perks and benefits.