Increase in Demand for Employee Health & Wellbeing Programmes

16th January 2023

Posted In: Be In The Frame

Nutritionist Mary Carmody, owner of Mary Carmody Nutrition based in Carrigaline, County Cork, has seen a major increase in demand for employee health and wellbeing programmes in recent months.

With organisations nationwide endeavouring to reward and retain employees with happier and healthier lifestyle support, Mary is embracing the trend and praises forward thinking, employee focused businesses for the positive impact they are having on their employees and their families.

The Kerry native has been operating as a nutritionist for over 15 years at Mary Carmody Nutrition working with individuals, corporate groups and as a nutritional health programme facilitator for private health insurance firms. Business representative bodies nationwide have been reporting talent acquisition difficulties for some time. Many business owners and organisations are really thinking outside the box when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees. 

CIPD Ireland, the professional body for experts in people at work has been championing better work and working lives by setting professional standards for HR and people development for over 100 years.  The organisation states that investing in employee well-being can lead to increased resilience, greater innovation and higher productivity. Put simply, it makes good business sense.

The 2020 Health and wellbeing at work survey, identified the top three benefits of employers increasing their focus on employee wellbeing and include, better employee morale and engagement, a healthier and more inclusive culture and lower sickness absence.

“Health and well-being have never been as high on the boardroom agenda, a positive trend that I am certainly championing and embracing.

I firmly believe in the major positive impact of such programmes and policies both for the employees as well as the overall return on investment they offer the business also,” commented Mary.

Speaking of her own experience creating and delivering such programmes in the corporate market, she said: “I have seen a remarkable increase in the demand for in-house and online health programmes in the corporate market in recent months. My four-week energise and inspire health programmes have always been popular and much of my business is happy repeat clients from pre-covid times. However, I have also seen a remarkable increase in enquiries from new clients and SMEs in particular which is a new and welcomed trend.

HR professionals and management teams I am in contact with daily are endeavouring to put in place practical well-being solutions for their staff. Nutrition is a key pillar in any employee wellness plan and the good news is that it’s working, the feedback and results are fantastic.”

Mary offers a suite of corporate programmes and bespoke nutritional solutions to support organisations well-being goals. The employee-centric content is entirely designed and delivered by Mary herself, a dynamic presenter and experienced professional.  You can find out more here>>