New Network Ireland West Cork President

13th December 2022

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Network Ireland West Cork (NIWC) recently inducted its 6th President, Anne Marie Kingston, owner of White Sage Decluttering, who will prioritise in-person networking opportunities for businesswomen, many of whom report increased isolation and reluctance to put themselves out there post pandemic.  She said it’s essential that these women boost their confidence so they can connect with contacts who can help their business and career grow.

“As I was preparing for my role as president of NIWC, I was really touched by how many businesswomen, whether they were entrepreneurs or career women, felt increasingly reluctant to put themselves out there after the pandemic,”

Kingston said. “Women here in Ireland tend to fear being more visible anyway, often because they have imposter syndrome, are afraid of being seen as ‘having notions’ or they have ‘good girl syndrome’ and put others’ needs ahead of their own.”

Whilst the pandemic gave many women the push they needed to pursue their business passion or a better staff role, it has also posed new challenges for them, such as the isolation of working from home and lack of community needed to gain the skills and confidence they need to excel. Irish women report that lack of confidence can often slow down their career or business progress.

During a panel discussion last month of the Diversity and Inclusivity Finance Forum (DIFF) executive meeting on gender inclusion at work, Averil Leimon, founder of leadership consultancy firm White Water Group, said every woman she had spoken to talked about a lack of confidence and how their own actions had decelerated their own progress*. When it comes to entrepreneurs, confidence continues to be a barrier to achieving parity, with only 38% of Irish women perceiving they have the necessary skills to start a business compared to 58% of men.**

To help her in her 2023 theme of getting women “Back in the Room” – providing opportunities and programming to boost confidence and networking – Kingston revealed her new leadership committee:

•Vice President – Michelle Kingston of AMS (global total workforce solutions)

•Secretary – Sandra Maybury of Maybury Marketing

•Treasurer – Mary Cadogan of O Donnell Furniture Makers

•Ezine – Anna Groniecka of – Anna Groniecka Photography

•Events – Adrienne Harrington of CSO & Caroline Murphy of West Cork Eggs

•Membership – Katherine O’Sullivan of O’Donnell Furniture

•Website Officer – Susan Collins Duggan of Theatre Tricks Drama & Communications

•Social Media – Valda Bindng of TakenPlace Weddings

Kingston’s official theme for the year is “Back in the Room” chosen charity for the year is West Cork AOK, which helps people affected by cancer and struggling financially in West Cork, from Bandon to Beara and the surrounding islands.

The official handover of the presidency took place recently at the NIWC Christmas event at the Celtic Ross hotel. Outgoing President for 2022, Marie Wiseman of Wiser Marketing, reflecting on her year, felt members’ comfort levels with face-to-face vs online events was increasing all the time. “For our first face-to-face event back in April, we had to offer people the opportunity to bring a friend, as we had all become so out of practice at networking, whilst our last face-to-face event in October felt like it could have been pre-Covid,” Wiseman said. “Anne Marie’s theme of ‘back in the room’ is exactly right for this time. I’m delighted to be handing the Presidency to Anne Marie and wish her the very best of luck for the year ahead.”

For more details on how to join Network Ireland, visit here to find your appropriate branch.

* “DIFF: Women’s lack of confidence can slow down their progress at work,” Mortgage Solutions magazine, 21st of November, 2022. ** “Confidence Highlighted as Key Barrier to Female Entrepreneurship,” Women Mean Business magazine, 11th of July, 2022.