Olympic Medallist Annalise Murphy to Address WiGH Inaugural event 

7th November 2022

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Olympic silver medallist Annalise Murphy (pictured) has been unveiled as the keynote speaker at Chorus, Ireland’s first ever Women in Green Hydrogen (WiGH) network event. Chorus is bringing together people from every walk of life who want to help achieve affordable, sustainable and equitable energy for Ireland in Dublin on November 21.

Women in Green Hydrogen is a global network that works to improve the visibility of and amplify the voices of women working in the sector and has over 3000 members worldwide. Annalise, who represented Ireland at three Olympic Games is looking forward to the event:

“In my sailing career I developed a huge respect for the power of renewable energy, so I am really excited about Chorus and being part of such a vital conversation right now. No-one can ignore the pressures on the energy sources Ireland has relied upon for generations and a diverse range of voices must speak up and be heard out in the rooms where decisions are made.

I’m committed to a sustainable future – I was proud to be part of the Turn the Tide against Plastic team that came sixth in the gruelling Volvo Ocean Race a few years ago and issues around sustainability and a greener future are top of my list of priorities as I plan the next steps in my career”.

Leading organiser from WiGH for Chorus Catherine Sheridan is thrilled to have Annalise on board:

“Having someone join us who has used the power of wind and water to reach the international peak of her sport is a major boost for our event. Annalise is a perfect fit for what we’re trying to do.

She has been an incredible role model for many years and her support means so much. As Chorus host, I’m looking forward to introducing her to our guests and hearing what she has to say”.

Catherine, a leading member of the WiGH network since its formation, has represented Ireland internationally and was recognised in the ‘Women in Hydrogen 50’ list by Hydrogen Economist. She has been working in the utility sector for over 20 years and is currently the Head of Strategy at Green Rebel.

Catherine says women are a vital part of the jigsaw in designing how Ireland will use its resources:

“As an engineer, I’ve had lots of experience in a traditionally male-dominated industry, but that’s changing. Everyone knows we cannot create a future for all of society if half of its people aren’t represented and contributing from the start.

In my day job, I would never set out to build something with half of the necessary equipment or expertise I need to complete it, so as we head into a critical time for our energy needs, it’s vital that we hear the voices of women in the process”.

Chorus will be hosted at the Dublin offices of law firm Pinsent Masons. Registration is free and the event is sponsored by EIH2, Worley and Pinsent Masons. “We’re organising this space and time to bring people together,” said Catherine.“I’ve seen it time and time again, collaborative professionals just need an opportunity to create partnerships and solutions, and change can flow from there. I’m hoping that years from now, we’ll look back on this inaugural event as the starting point of a game changer for the status quo”.

Anyone interested in registering is invited to email  info@eih2.ie for more information, or to click here.

Pictured: Women in Green Hydrogen Catherine Sheridan of EI-H2 (centre) pictured with Bradley Andrews, President at event sponsor Worley and Amanda Daly, Senior Business Development Executive at Pinsent Masons, which is also an event sponsor. (Photo: Shane O’Neill / Coalesce)