NWC Hosts FemFest

1st November 2022

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Are you age between 16 and 25, and passionate about women’s equality? Or do you know someone who is?

Registration is now open for FemFest, the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWC) landmark conference for young women, by young women. This year’s event will take place on Saturday 19 November from 10am – 5pm at the Academy Hotel Dublin.  The event is in partnership with Aviva Ireland.

FemFest is an important space for young feminists, combining passionate and dynamic speakers with musicians and artists. This year’s event will explore a variety of issues affecting young women, facilitating a space for young people to become changemakers and challenging the gendered attitudes, beliefs and cultural norms which support violence and abuse.

Please note that the NWC will be addressing challenging topics at this conference, including sexual harassment, image based sexual abuse, and sexual violence. We will have resources and supports available during and after the event to support anyone impacted by the issues addressed.

You can register here>>