Green Friday Campaign

21st November 2022

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‘Use it or lose it’ is the hard-hitting consumer message from the 2022 Green Friday campaign.

If we want our local stores and businesses to reopen their doors in January, now is the time to stay loyal, Champion Green founder, Marian O’Gorman, said today at the launch of Green Friday.

While many businesses and organisations act on environmental sustainability, the business leader says that

supporting local SMEs is key to living sustainably, protecting social resources locally, and regenerating the health and wealth of communities.

Launched in 2019, on the back of concern for local businesses losing out to global ecommerce, Green Friday is deemed a sustainable alternative to the U.S shopping promotion, Black Friday.

Ahead of Friday November 25th next, Ireland’s support local campaigners are asking that people support local industry and jobs, and keep money circulating locally, for the sake of healthy vibrant sustainable communities.

Every €1 spent in local retail can generate up to €2.50 in the economy.  €1 spent online, with an overseas retailer, is largely lost to the local economy, the promoters of Green Friday, outline.

In the month ahead of Christmas, consumers here will spend about €4.5 billion in total.

“If we spent this money, domestically, the impact on jobs, local investment, our communities and the wellbeing of ordinary people, would be powerful”, Damien English TD, Minister for Business, Employment and Retail, said of this week’s Champion Green campaign launch.

Evelyn Moynihan of Irish retailer, Kilkenny Design, adds that consumer consciousness is real, and there is more demand than ever for locally-designed and made gifts that will last.

“We may buy less in 2022, but the trend is towards responsible gifts and lasting quality.  The value of sustainable community is all the more obvious in a world where climate crisis, conflict, and over-reliance on global business giants can drive both inflation and displacement.”

Up to €50 million is likely to be spent in Ireland over the Black Friday weekend, which, in reality, has extended to a fortnight of online and instore sales promotion, rather than the one-off exclusive or valuable discounts, Green Friday advocates say.

SFA Acting Director Elizabeth Bowen said “We are calling on consumers to support their communities by shopping in small businesses and buying local sustainable gifts or Irish-made products this Green Friday”.

Advice on Green Friday conscious consumerism;

•Shop local, online or in-person, for gifts and experiences at great value.

•Reduce your gifts’ carbon footprint, where possible, and promote sustainable local communities.

•Boost local favourites with social media reviews, share stores’ posts, and sign-up for newsletters on the best of events and promotions.

•If global e-tail is your normal shopping style, maybe buy one local Christmas gift for each one ordered from an international retailer online.

•Check .IE websites are locally-owned or operated to avoid customs and import duty; global retailers may use .IE to imply an Irish connection.

•Stock-up on local gift cards for impulse presents, or someone you forget!

•Gift a great experience; vouchers for meals, hospitality and local leisure or retail offerings are perfect for ease, choice and flexibility.