Just Eat Partners with Notpla to Tackle Plastic Pollution

17th October 2022

Posted In: Be In The Frame

As part of its commitment to reduce the impact of single use plastic across the food delivery sector, Just Eat has announced the launch and availability of Notpla’s seaweed-coated takeaway box to its restaurant partners in Ireland.

The Just Eat Notpla boxes are lined with a coating which is unique in the way it replaces usual plastic, or bio-plastic, lined takeaway containers commonly used in the food industry. To ensure the boxes can be used as food packaging the seaweed-based coating is designed to be water-resistant and greaseproof. This innovative packaging is both recyclable and will biodegrade within 4-6 weeks in a home compost, just like a piece of fruit.

Following a successful trial in the UK the packaging has been rolled-out in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland and now in Ireland to its 3,525 restaurant partners via the Just Eat partner webshop.

Amanda Roche-Kelly, Managing Director, JustEatTakeaway.com Ireland said: “We’re all aware of the imminent climate crisis we’re facing both here in Ireland and globally.

There’s never been a more important time to not only adopt sustainable practices as an organisation, but also offer our partners and in turn customers more sustainable choices.

Offering sustainable packaging solutions to our restaurant partners is one way to do this. While there’s no quick fix to tackling sustainability, there are a multitude of ways companies and individuals can make an immediate impact –

every small step we take collectively, can have a lasting effect on our climate targets and ambitions.”

Jaz Rabadia MBE, Global Head of Responsible Business & Sustainability at JustEatTakeaway.com, said: “Improving the packaging used to deliver food to homes is an impactful way for us to help build a more sustainable future for the food delivery sector.

By using our reach and expertise to help our restaurant partners adopt more environmentally-friendly products and practices, we are able to influence operations not directly in our control.

“We’re excited to extend our work with Notpla to introduce a recyclable and home-compostable container which degrades in a matter of weeks. Ireland is one of six markets now offering Notpla packaging to our restaurant partners.”