Introducing the First Four WMB Diversity Ambassadors 2022

3rd October 2022

When we start out in our careers or take those first steps into entrepreneurship, the last thing we consider on our list of aims or ambitions, is probably to be a role model for others.  However, if we take the time to think about who motivated us in our career choice, or to act on our ‘light bulb moment’, it is likely to have been a parent, teacher, activist or leader and they are all role models.

 “Each person must live their life as a role model for others.”  Rosa Parks

In my formative years, I was fortunate to have a courageous mother; an inspirational sister, and a talented circle of school friends.  However, it was a different time for girls growing up in Ireland. There were few ‘visible’ female role models and if you were asked the question – who inspires you? – 9 out of 10 times, it was likely to have been a role model of the male persuasion! It was when I was in a leadership position, that the lack of ‘visible’ female role models became even more apparent to me.  I knew that I had to do something to help change the ‘status quo’ and WMB was born. Fast forward 16 years and there has been so much positive change as more and more women come into the light and fire up the imaginations of the next generation of leaders. WMB will always be about promoting role models and as Oprah W. once said:

If you can see it, and believe it, it is a LOT easier to achieve it”.

I call this the ripple effect!

The WMB Diversity Ambassador Initiative is an opportunity for our Ambassadors to share their stories, promote DE&I and encourage more women into areas where they are underrepresented.

We are delighted to reveal our first four Ambassadors now.  In the coming week, our leading ladies will be joined by our balance of Ambassadors for 2022.  During late October and November, we look forward to finding out a bit more about each of our role models.

It is time to come into full view ladies – our daughters and sons deserve to see what is possible.