Women In Cybersecurity Academy

30th July 2022

Minister for Public Procurement, eGovernment and Circular Economy Ossian Smyth recently launched Smarttech247’s next intake for its Women in Cybersecurity Academy. The Irish firm is offering 60 places for a free intensive course which helps develop skills for a future in cybertech and security.

It’s the second time the leading managed security service provider has run the course, as it plays its part in addressing the diversity and skills challenge in the cyber industry.

The Academy curriculum has been developed by Smarttech247 experts to cover the knowledge and skills required to tackle the ever-growing range of cyber attacks that threaten individuals and organisations around the world. Once an end-of-term assessment has been completed, a number of the best performing students will be offered placements at one of Smarttech247’s bases in Ireland or abroad.

Organisers are particularly keen to raise awareness of the programme among Ireland’s growing Ukrainian community, members of which may have valuable skills to transfer here.

Announcing the opening of applications, Minister Smyth said it’s important all talent resources are utilised when it comes to defending against online attacks: “The Irish government takes cybersecurity extremely seriously, and the industry here needs the best talent to stay at the cutting edge internationally.

We know women are underrepresented in cybersecurity around the world and I’m delighted to see an Irish leader like Smarttech247 taking the initiative to address the balance, particularly as they look to engage the Ukrainian community”.

Chief Executive of Smarttech247 Raluca Saceanu says Ukraine’s tech industry has been thriving in recent years: “We know from our business that Ukraine has built a really high level of expertise among its tech workforce, and the value of the country’s IT exports was more than $5bn in 2020. As Ireland welcomes thousands of people from Ukraine to live in this country, we believe many of these could be fantastic candidates for the Academy and for the wider cybersecurity scene in Ireland. We’re keen to get the word out that we have real opportunities for the right people”.

Raluca says some previous Academy students have gone on to secure jobs in leading tech and consultancy firms, including Smarttech247:

“There are thousands of openings in cybersecurity companies around the world at any one time, and yet, research in Ireland last year showed 27% of companies have difficulty retaining females in their cybersecurity team.

Programmes like our Women in Cybersecurity Academy are vital to help address the industry’s gender divide and secure its future talent pipeline”.

Over a 6-week term using remote and on-site learning, students of the Smarttech247 Women in Cybersecurity Academy will have:

•Access to expert level knowledge

•In-depth industry experience

•Experience using the latest sophisticated technologies

•The chance to work alongside some of the best analysts, pentesters and threat hunters in the industry

Smarttech247 is seeking applications from women who have, or who are on track to receive at least an undergraduate degree in computer science. The firm is keen to draw on as wide a talent pool as possible, including women looking to return to the workforce and those already working in cybersecurity who want to refine their skills. Assessment will be based on a range of assignments and projects. Full details on the course, how you can apply and the necessary requirements are at https://www.smarttech247.com/women-in-cybersecurity-academy/

Pictured: Minister for Public Procurement, eGovernment and Circular Economy Ossian Smyth and CEO of Smarttech247 Raluca Saceanu. (image: Michael O’Sullivan/ OSM Photography)