Fidelity Strengthens Collaboration with Insight SFI Research Centre

28th March 2022

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The Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics and global financial services company Fidelity Investments have a long running research relationship which is an excellent example of the value Irish research centres can bring to industry research and development.

Fidelity Investments is currently working with Insight in three key areas: knowledge graphs, natural language inference and computer vision. Insight researchers are working on three separate Fidelity projects in sites at NUI Galway and DCU. Fidelity Investments is also supporting two SFI Industry Fellowships involving researchers in Insight NUI Galway.

Insight’s Chief Executive Officer, Professor Noel O’Connor said, “It’s wonderful to see our ongoing engagement with Fidelity continue to go from strength to strength, given the importance of this industry sector to the Irish economy. It is important that we continue to set the standard for how world class research can advance the state of the art in financial services, ensuring Ireland’s leadership in this arena into the future.”

As Ireland is now the eighth largest exporter of financial services in the world, R&D collaborations serve to strengthen the relationship between Ireland and the global companies that work from here.

Fidelity Investments Ireland’s Senior Vice President and Head of Technology, Lorna Martyn (pictured), sees benefits for both enterprise and academia in these collaborations: “The ecosystem in Ireland provides a unique opportunity for mutually beneficial collaboration between business and academic centres such as Insight. The combination of business and research expertise is truly symbiotic in surfacing progressive applied opportunities.”

Dr Siobhan Roche, Director of Science for the Economy at Science Foundation Ireland, said “I am delighted to welcome the deepening of the research partnership between the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics and global FinTech leader, Fidelity Investments. This is an excellent example of the value delivered by the Irish SFI Research Centres network, which supports transformative research, driving the development of innovative public – private partnerships. This activity is playing an important role in the global success of some of the world’s most dynamic companies and helping to futureproof the pipeline of inward investment into Ireland in the future.”

Professor Ed Curry, Director of Insight@NUI Galway said, “Our relationship with Fidelity shows what’s possible when business and industry collaborates with a Centre like Insight. We have deep and wide-ranging expertise as you can see from the three very different projects mentioned. The relationship has been long and fruitful, and we hope it will continue into the future.”