Innovative Minds Take Note!

28th January 2022

Posted In: Entrepreneurship

The TU Dublin Graduate Business School (Dublin campus) has recently launched a women specific Postgraduate Certification in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.  It is a one year, part time programme delivered online two evenings per week with two Saturdays on campus each semester and starts on February 14th, 2022.

The TU Graduate Business School is supported in the programme design and delivery by GROWTHhub project  GROWTHhub is funded by the Higher Education Authority Human Capital Initiative that seeks to develop initiatives, including modules, programmes, and extracurricular activities that support the development of growth mindsets and entrepreneurial skills among TU Dublin students.

About the Course

The Postgraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation for women is a person-focused programme supporting the development of entrepreneurial growth mindsets that enable learners to be continuously entrepreneurial and focused on changing opportunities to grow and scale.

The programme aims to enable learners to identify, analyse, and select actions to take with respect to specific opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures, be they start-ups or new propositions in established organisations, and to understand and articulate a venture’s value proposition through the identification of articulated and unarticulated needs. Restricting the programme for women only facilitates tailoring of the context of the programme to women. There will be specific reflection on evidence-based issues for promoting entrepreneurship for women including the provision of role models, consideration of resilience frameworks, development of networks, and use of case studies and other learning materials involving women entrepreneurs. This will be supported by engagement of women entrepreneurs as guest speakers across the modules, and particularly in the Personal Entrepreneurial Capital – Women Entrepreneurs module.

The programme is designed to link with important TU Dublin initiatives that seek to support entrepreneurship in groups where such activity is currently under-represented. The programme will link to the TU Dublin WE Support initiative that seeks to support women entrepreneurs, and initiatives with potential will be channelled to the TU Dublin technology transfer office Hothouse and its New Frontiers Programme.


The Postgraduate Certification in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (for women) is funded by Springboard+. Therefore the programme fees for those in employment and applying through Springboard+ is a fraction of the cost. To find out more about eligibility criteria visit here>>