A Moment to Reflect

29th December 2021

The period between Christmas and New Year is a good time to reflect on these past twelve months. You may have had some wins – a personal or professional goal; a new project; new client or even taken a new career path. Of course, you may have experienced some significant knock backs too. The important lesson is to acknowledge the good with the bad – embrace the positives, learn from the not so great moments and move forward.

Earlier this month we closed off applications for our WMB Awards as we move to collating our shortlist in the New Year. It’s reassuring to know that despite the pandemic, women are still going outside their comfort zones to set up new ventures and to take the path less travelled. The calibre of those nominated and those who self-nominated is once again ‘top drawer’. These women have inquisitive minds, vision and tenacity with generous hearts. They are willing to share their stories, their experiences – warts and all, and play their part in mobilising others who dare to dream. Thank you for your participation and thank you to our sponsors – Matheson, Sodexo and Expleo, who believe in the importance of Diversity and Inclusion.

Also, a final thank you to our wonderful WMB Ambassadors for 2021 who keep the light shinning bright on the importance of female role models.

Keep strong, keep safe, and keep believing,