Rethink Ireland launch €600,000 Rural Recovery Fund

27th October 2021

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Rethink Ireland and, the philanthropic arm of Google, are seeking bright sparks from around the country to lead rural Ireland’s recovery as we emerge from Covid-19. provided a $500,000 (430,000 EUR) grant to Rethink Ireland to establish the €600,000 Rural Recovery Fund, which is also supported by the Government of Ireland via the Dormant Accounts Fund. The fund will be awarded to five organisations that support education, job readiness and training programmes for people living in rural areas, with a particular focus on minority and under-served communities.

The Rural Recovery Fund was launched recently by Minister for Rural and Community Development Heather Humphreys TD. Commenting, the Minister said: “I am delighted to be launching the new Rural Recovery Fund today. I firmly believe that regenerating rural Ireland is key to Ireland’s recovery, both socially and economically.

This new fund will work to lay the blueprint for developing vibrant and attractive rural towns and villages which place equality and community spirit at the heart of all they do and support the vision set out in our ambitious rural development strategy, ‘Our Rural Future’.”

Also speaking today was Deirdre Mortell, CEO of Rethink Ireland, who said: Rethink Ireland has a vision of thriving rural communities. We imagine regional towns and rural communities that are re-energised and sustainable. The rise of remote work has given many people the freedom to choose where and how they want to live. We can work at homes or regional hubs and offices and people in rural communities no longer have to say, ‘there are no jobs here.”

“One of the positive outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the invigoration of some of Ireland’s rural areas. But we are not there yet. People living in our rural towns, villages and countryside are more likely to have a lower income, fewer job opportunities, and less access to basic services that are taken for granted in our larger towns and cities.

“The key to creating our human economy lies in empowering people. That’s why we are calling on creative and innovative organisations to apply to the Rural Recovery Fund and work with us and and DRCD to keep rural Ireland thriving.

Shane Nolan, Managing Director, New Business, Google Ireland, said,

“Rural communities are the heartbeat of Ireland and it is businesses and organisations within those communities that keep our local and national economies afloat.

Their contribution to the towns and communities in which they operate has always been important, but this became especially apparent throughout the pandemic. We have been committed to supporting organisations like this recover from the impacts of Covid-19, through mentoring, training and funding. As we enter a new phase of recovery, I am delighted that we are contributing through Google.Org to the Rural Recovery Fund, which will help ensure economic recovery supports reach every corner of Ireland.”

For more information on how to apply to the fund visit here>>

Image: Minister for Rural and Community Development Heather Humphreys TD (centre) with Deirdre Mortell, CEO of Rethink Ireland and Shane Nolan, Managing Director, New Business, Google Ireland.