Positive Leadership

4th October 2021

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High profile CEOs and business leaders from the banking, fashion and recruitment sector will join an online event to discuss positive leadership on Thursday, 7th October at 1pm. The event‘How do we Build Good Leaders across Business?’ will explore positive leadership in a modern business context and what that means for people at all levels of an organisation.

The event will take place as the third session of The Better Leadership Forum, an initiative from LIFT Ireland aimed at instigating a high-profile public debate on leadership in the media, politics, business and the public sector.

The Line-Up

The panel discussion will be moderated by TV Presenter, Designer, Founder and Social Entrepreneur Sonya Lennon, while the speakers are: Anne Heraty, CEO at Cpl Resources plc; Eamonn Crowley, CEO of Permanent TSB; Kanaar Bell, a consultant and content specialist with Foundation Marketing; and Chupi Sweetman, founder and CEO at Chupi.


The panel will explore issues such as: how the role of the leader in business has changed over the last 20 years; where the responsibilities of a leader in business lie and how leaders in business can build teams that succeed. Commenting in advance of the event, CEO and founder of LIFT Ireland Joanne Hession, said: “Business has changed a lot over the last 30 years. And as business has changed, so has the concept of business leadership.  Leadership is not a position but a quality that everyone needs to exercise at every level of business.

“We now have responsibilities toward our planet, environment and future generations. We also have responsibilities toward our own integrity and values.

I’m looking forward to hearing from our panel and their valuable insights on building a culture of positive leadership within a business and how does business respond to this changed world?”

Registration for The Better Leadership Forum ‘How do we Build Good Leaders across Business?’ event is now open here>> The event is open to anyone to attend, free of charge.