Salma Shaikh, Quality Assurance Manager, Expleo

20th September 2021

Posted In: So In Demand

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be highlighting a number of women who work in the tech sector. These women are role models and hopefully will inspire others to take that leap of faith into the world of technology.


Salma Shaikh is a QA manager, who has worked for Expleo for nearly a decade. Originally from Pune in western India, Salma grew up with a love of Indian classical dance, drawing and gymnastics. A year ago, she moved to Ireland, bringing her valuable experience in test, project and people management. Having worked in telecoms, she is currently a highly-respected member of Expleo’s BFSI team.

How did you find yourself working for a technology company?

I always wanted to be in tech. I am the first female member of my family to work in tech. As a little girl, I was always fascinated with the technology behind computers and mobile phones.

Were there any potential barriers to entry for you to start your career in technology?

No, I found it relatively easy to join the sector. I’ve been fortunate to find support from good people in my career. They have always appreciated my hard work and helped me directly or indirectly, which has helped me to achieve my current position.

Did you consider the gender balance of the sector prior to starting your career?

Back then, it wasn’t on my mind, but I watch gender balance very closely nowadays. I suppose, I’ve always had a feeling that there’s still a big gap – but I think women are also responsible for pushing new boundaries.

When we know we are capable and deserve equal opportunities, we should learn to fight for everything we want.

I would say: “Get into the habit of fighting and don’t give up no matter what happens in your life.”

What are the benefits of working in the tech sector?

There are so many. For a start, you are at the cutting edge of new technologies. You are learning all the time, whether around computers and different programming languages, or various sectors like telecoms, banking etc. The pay is good too – people in tech are usually highly paid compared to most other professions. Some tech companies also provide flexible hours, as well as work-from-home facilities.

What are the benefits of being a woman in tech?

I’d say that the benefits are primarily for tech firms, rather than women themselves.

We {as women} bring a lot in terms of empathy, multitasking, quick learning, coordination, communication and time management.

These qualities are shown in the many examples of female leadership in the sector.

What advice would you give to young girls who may or may not be considering a career in technology?

Just go for it! There are lots of opportunities in tech – and women are best suitable for roles in any sector.

What can companies do to attract more women into the tech sector?

Transparency is key. Companies need to publish reports on pay, promotions and opportunities.

Firms should liaise with clients to arrange flexible hours, as well as work-from-home facilities for working mums. Expleo’s return-to-work initiative is very impressive.