‘No Woman Left Behind’

7th June 2021

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On Tuesday 15th June, the National Women’s Council (NWC) will launch ‘No Woman Left Behind’ — the Council’s new and ambitious Strategic Plan 2021-2024.

You can join in the conversation on how best NWC can achieve their ambition of true equality for all women and how they can mobilise and campaign for women’s rights and equality in a new and more inclusive way than ever before.

Through the Council’s strategic plan, they want to transform society so no woman experiences poverty, racism, violence, discrimination or exclusion, and all women can realise their full economic, social and political rights. NWC want to bring a robust feminist perspective to how we address the climate crisis and how we respond to future challenges.

Speakers include: Claudia Hoareau, Anti-Racism and Inclusion advocate and Hateful Behaviour policy expert; Eliona Gjecaj, Disability rights activist; Sinead Mercier, Lecturer in Environment, Sustainability and Social Justice; Brigid Quilligan, Traveller Rights Activist, Irish Traveller Movement; Avila Kilmurray, Founder of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition; Linda Kelly, Founder of Women Ascend and Maternity Rights Campaigner; Orla O’Connor, Director, National Women’s Council and Louise Lovett, Chairperson, National Women’s Council.

The event will be chaired by Dil Wickremasinghe, Social Justice and Mental Health Journalist and Activist, Founder of Insight Matters. You can register for tickets here>>