Canadian Distribution Deal for Ballymaloe Foods

14th June 2021

Posted In: FYI

Ballymaloe Foods has secured its first major distribution partner in Canada. It means that customers in Canada will soon be able to purchase products such as Ballymaloe Original Relish in stores for the first time.

The new partnership is with CBF Imports and will see seven products from the Cork-based company on the shelves of small chains and independent food stores across Canada.

Ballymaloe Foods’ entry into the Canadian market comes a year after their arrival in  Australia with a listing in Coles Supermarket. Its products are now stocked in more than 10 countries worldwide including Germany, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Ireland’s links with Canada date back centuries with fishermen from Cork travelling to Newfoundland in the 1500s. Now millions of Canadians are of Irish descent and tens of thousands of residents are Irish-born.

Maxine Hyde, the General Manager of Ballymaloe Foods says with Canada being a hub for Irish expats it is the perfect next market to bring their products to: “Increasingly we get messages from people asking if our products are available in Canada and with this partnership, we are excited that we can finally tell people ‘yes’”.

Last year Ballymaloe Foods announced that Ballymaloe Relish would be available to purchase in 120 Coles stores across Australia. Coles is a national full-service supermarket retailer operating more than 800 supermarkets across Australia.

Pictured: Yasmin and Maxine Hyde of Ballymaloe Foods (Image by Clare Keogh)