News from Shorla Pharma

5th May 2021

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Shorla Pharma, founded by Sharon Cunningham (pictured right) and Orlaith Ryan (pictured on the left) is a specialty pharmaceutical company. Recently it announced that it submitted, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted for filing, its application for its SH-111 oncology drug designed to treat T-cell leukemia.  SH-111 is a lifesaving treatment that is often in shortage and the company looks forward to working closely with FDA to bring this much needed product to market later this year.

“We’re very proud that SH-111 will have a significant clinical benefit particularly for children with leukemia,” said Sharon Cunningham, CEO and Co-founder of Shorla Pharma. “It’s a desperately needed product and a life-changing treatment that we are honored to bring to patients in the United States, and later, worldwide.”

Founded in Ireland, Shorla specialises in developing innovative oncology drugs, with a focus on orphan and pediatric cancers. With strong support from scientists and clinicians, plus an extensive industry network that includes the Children’s Oncology Group in the U.S., the company has an advanced pipeline of oncology therapies to treat a number of unmet patient needs.

T-cell leukemia is an aggressive blood and bone marrow cancer which progresses quickly. While most leukemias target older people, T-cell leukemia is most common among children, with this particular treatment often in shortage. The expedited review granted for this filing recognises the urgent need for the product.

Orlaith Ryan, Shorla Pharma CTO and Co-founder said: “Reaching this milestone is an important step as we continue to make progress across our growing pipeline. Our focus is on developing innovative oncology treatments for women and children, with a focus on rare cancers where existing treatments are limited, in short supply or inadequate.”

The company is also developing a drug for treating breast and ovarian cancers, and an oral solution to treat patients with glioblastoma who have trouble swallowing.

Established in 2018 , Shorla Pharma has won a number of awards since inception to include the Sodexo WMB Newcomer Award (2019).