Communication is Queen!

21st May 2021

Posted In: FYI

Communication is Queen according to Network Ireland West Cork. Their next event, on 26th May at 8pm is a specialist workshop on crafting effective messaging.

Leading the event is content expert Marie Toft who will share her knowledge to enable the audience to leverage effective communication tools in all aspects of their life and career.  Marie Toft, founder and CEO of Emotionise developed the ‘Emotionise Process’, a content creation process she uses with her clients, which include Laya Healthcare and Failte Ireland.

“Recent advances in neuroscience have revealed we don’t remember content unless we connect emotionally with it,” explains Marie. “At Emotionise we specialise in helping people find that emotional connection to their target audience. They could be your customers, your colleagues, your boss or your employees. We’ve developed the Emotionise Process which can be applied to any form of communications or messaging.  I’m really looking forward to the event with Network Ireland West Cork.  Anyone who is interested in communicating their message should be able to apply the Emotionise process to create content that really connects emotionally.”

Marie also revealed that she is digitising and scaling the Emotionise Process. She has just completed Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers Phase 2 course and she’s about to start Phase 3. “We’re designing and building our software in the next few months,” she explains, “and we’ll be looking for customers to trial it as soon as it’s launched. Content marketing is a huge growth area so we’re keen to give people the skills to create emotionally engaging content more quickly.”

To represent yourself and your business well, a carefully and strategically crafted plan is hugely important. Getting your message right will benefit all aspects of your career or business from networking to writing pitches and posting on social media.  Whether you are self-employed, an employee or an employer – you need to use effective messaging in your business and personal life to achieve your goals.  In line with this thinking, award winning, multi-disciplined content creator and communications executive Marie Toft will share secrets of crafting effecting messaging.

This event, hosted by Network Ireland West Cork on 26th May at 8pm, is open to all, ticket details on Eventbrite.