Learnovation 2020 – EdTech And More

12th October 2020

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Meeting the challenge of remote working and learning is the key focus of this year’s Learnovation Summit, which takes place from tomorrow (October 13) to Thursday (October 15).

In online learning’s biggest year ever, the leading global annual event will be held virtually this year – from October 13 – 15 – with the theme, ‘Living and Learning in a Changing Workplace’.

The Learnovation Summit is organised by The Learnovate Centre, a leading learning technology research centre in Trinity College Dublin.  Funded by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, The Learnovate Centre is an industry-led technology centre made up of expert researchers using emerging technology to help transform the lives of learners in the workplace, schools, at third level and in the home.

Ahead of Learnovation starting tomorrow, Learnovate Centre Director Nessa McEniff said: “The world of education and workplace learning was already transforming at an unstoppable pace with Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and gamification helping to prepare us for the workplaces of the future. But Covid-19 has accelerated all those changes as the entire globe was collectively plunged into a new world where workplaces and education went virtual. Learnovation is bringing Irish and international entrepreneurs and innovators in the EdTech sector together to explore how we can transform learning experiences for employees, students and customers in online’s biggest year.”

One of the keynote speakers at Learnovation is Olivier Crouzet from ‘42’ a third-level IT college which has no teachers, classrooms or lectures and where the students learn through projects (which have no set deadlines) and evaluate their own peers. 42 charges no fees and there are no qualification requirements to become a student.

Mr Crouzet will be speaking on Day 2 of The Learnovation Summit 2020. Some of the other keynote speakers include Daniel Hulme of Satalia who will speak about AI and the Future of Work, Gilly Salmon of Education Alchemists on Seizing the Pivot for New Learning, Abi Williams of Udemy who will speak about Driving Engaged and Productive Teams in a Virtual World and Bob Mosher of APPLY Synergies on Workflow Learning.

After the live event, attendees gain exclusive access to a ‘boxset’ with video presentations and speaker slides to watch in your own time.

Learnovation 2020’s virtual summit will feature 3 hours x 3 days with international keynotes, expert panels, Q&A sessions, interactive chat and real-time polling. On Tuesday, October 13 and Wednesday October 14, the event runs from 9.45am – 1pm. On Thursday, October 15, it runs from 1.45pm – 5pm. For more information or to register, visit www.learnovation.ie

(Pictured at the Launch of Learnovation (l-R): Nessa McEniff, Director of The Learnovate Centre in Trinity College Dublin and Ann Devitt, Director of Research at TCD School of Education. Pic Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX).