From the Corporate Rat-race to Calm Beauty

13th August 2020

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From high-stress careers to holistic therapy, two Dublin businesswomen have joined forces to open a new health and beauty oasis in Dublin 3 – Calm Beauty.

Jenny Faison (pictured on left) and Jenny Fitzpatrick (pictured on right) spent years working in high-stress insurance and finance roles, and both – independently – came to the conclusion that there is more to life than the corporate world. They both established their own individual beauty and holistic therapy businesses, and now the old friends have decided to merge their businesses with the opening of Calm Beauty.

Calm Beauty is a quiet, serene space, offering a range of treatments from massage and reflexology to beauty therapies and baby massage classes over three stories in its new location on Richmond Road, Dublin 3.

Commenting on the opening of Calm Beauty, North Carolina native Jenny Faison said: “For the past number of years I operated my own beauty and massage therapy business in Fairview, and Jenny had her own one in Drumcondra. We both have similar backgrounds – I worked in corporate roles in the US, Bermuda, and here in Ireland, and once I hit my mid-thirties I realised I didn’t want to do it anymore. It was important to me that I would be able to help people, to contribute in some way to their feeling better whether that was physically or emotionally.

“I retrained and set up my own business in Fairview. Jenny and I are old friends, with similar passions, and so last year we went into business together and opened up our first Calm Beauty salon in the Camden Court Hotel. The success of that made us realise it made sense to merge our two individual businesses together.”

Jenny Fitzpatrick’s career has followed a similar path to Jenny Faison: “When I was in secondary school, I excelled in accounting and business courses. We had an opportunity to enter the Young Entrepreneur Scheme and my business idea for the competition was mini manicures and hand massage. I ended up working in finance for years, but beauty and holistic therapy was always a draw for me. I retrained in 2008, and like Jenny I ran my own business in Drumcondra for years.

“Merging businesses and opening a new location as a worldwide pandemic broke out was far from ideal, but we’re delighted to have opened our new flagship Calm Beauty premises. It offers a new opportunity for us as businesswomen, as well as broadening and expanding the services and care we can offer.

“The outbreak of Covid-19 has made people slow down, and realise the value of self-care, and time for yourself! This is what we aim to give people at Calm Beauty – relaxation and expert care. Jenny and I both come from corporate backgrounds so we know the stresses that juggling a busy work and family life can cause. We also know how beneficial it is to spend time in a place that is geared for relaxation, peace and quiet – that’s central to our ethos at Calm Beauty.”

For further information on Calm Beauty visit here>>.