CLS Announce New Covid-19 Support Programmes

29th May 2020

Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS) run by Evelyn O’Toole, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is Ireland’s largest privately-owned contract laboratory. The company has launched a range of new testing initiatives to support the reopening of business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Focused on meeting industry standards, compliance and regulations, the services and programmes include a Reboot Test Programme for Hospitality, a Workplace Hygiene Programme and Workplace Covid-19 Risk Management and Hygiene Training.

Commenting on the announcement, Evelyn said:

The safe reopening of business is pivotal to the wellbeing of our communities and our businesses across Ireland.

“Thousands of companies are currently looking at adapting the way they work in line with Covid-19 safety guidelines as the country focuses on a controlled lifting of restrictions. Our new initiatives have been developed to support various industry sectors as they get back up and running in a safe and compliant manner. The programmes provide the necessary measures to assess standards, ensuring that the highest hygiene levels are achieved.”

CLS has also invested in leading technology to perform Covid-19 testing on behalf of their clients and are currently developing methods to test for the presence of Covid-19 on surfaces and buildings.

“Our testing also supports businesses to implement the ‘new future’ of hygiene expectations as we adapt to the pandemic and our team of highly trained analysts and sampling professionals also offer technical support and interpretation of results as well as corrective actions,” adds Evelyn.  “All our data is scientifically based with the results providing companies with the necessary information to implement the right actions for their business as they move forward with Covid-19 safety measurements in place.”

The new programmes have been developed to support businesses in protecting the wellbeing of their employees and customers while raising the standards of hygiene across industry sectors:

CLS Reboot Test Programme for Hospitality

This programme covers the minimal microbiology test requirements to support the hospitality sector as they reopen for business. Focused on compliance with EC 2073/2005, the programme provides testing on key areas such as kitchen and food preparation facilities, common guest areas such as foyers and door handles, personnel hygiene swabs to ensure adequate hand washing and Legionella samples of showers and water tanks. The programme is suitable for hotels, food on the go services, independent restaurants, food production facilities, supermarket delis, cafes, and hospital canteens.

CLS Workplace Hygiene Programme (WHP)

The WHP provides organisations with a baseline of their current standard of workplace hygiene in compliance with The Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Biological Agents) 2013 Regulations. The programme was developed to assist companies in improving the health and safety of staff while lowering the rate of cross infection and absenteeism in the workplace. It provides employers with a scientific measurement of their current hygiene standard, allowing them to introduce a continuous improvement programme that engages all employees to contribute to a healthier work environment.  The WHP is suitable for a range of workplaces including office-based operations, assembly line manufacturers, nursing homes, hospitals, support centres, primary care and education.

CLS Workplace Covid-19 Risk Management and Hygiene Training

CLS is providing Covid-19 risk management and hygiene training for companies looking to assess and strengthen their hygiene standards which can be integrated as part of a company’s HR requirements. The programme equips employees with awareness training and skills for managing their hygiene, protecting their colleagues, and raising the cleanliness standards of their workplace.

The CLS laboratories are accredited and approved by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) for ISO 17025 (108T); ISO 9001:2015; US Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA); and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved.

For more information on the new Covid-19 support services available please visit .