In Need of an Executive Reboot?

23rd March 2020

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Powerhouse Collective is a Cork collaboration of six self-employed female industry experts who have combined their much sought after services across photography, skincare, beauty, hair & make-up, personal styling, executive coaching and online personal branding through LinkedIn, to create a one-stop-shop for professionals from all industries who are in need of an executive reboot, offline and online.

Louise Bunyan, Founder of, a LinkedIn and digital marketing consultant said, “Last year we realised that we tend to work with the same type of person – typically a high level executive, who for some reason has come to a point in their career where they need to kick it up a gear. It could be that they want to become a speaker, do more conferences, are self-employed and want to raise their public profile or they are in the spotlight and need to refresh their image, online and offline. Quickly, we began to notice a pattern. Clients initially would either come to me for one to one online LinkedIn training or to Anna Healy for coaching or to Anna Groniecka, professional photographer for a new headshot, who then collaborates with hair and makeup expert Shkurta Lisa Hasani, stylist Sharon Huggard and skincare expert Sherna Malone. But before we knew it, we were regularly referring clients to each other on a monthly basis and getting great feedback on this mini-referral circle.”

A lightbulb moment occurred during one such indirect collaboration and the idea for a collective called ‘Powerhouse Collective’ was born with a landing page, 3 packages, and contact details if clients wanted to work with members individually.

Anna Healy, Coach, said, “It’s incredibly exciting to be part of this dynamic group of women. We are all so passionate about what we do and forming this collective has been so rewarding already. As self-employed business owners, it’s been so much fun bouncing ideas off each other and harnessing our energy. And above all else, we all have one big thing in common – we want to help people strive and thrive by working with them to create a new and more powerful presence. We do that individually through our own businesses, and now with Powerhouse Collective, we are taking it to another level”

The six members are based in Clonakilty, Innishannon and Fermoy, and met through networking via Network Ireland Cork and Network Ireland West Cork events.


•Anna Healy, executive and career coach

•Anna Groniecka, professional photographer

•Lisa Hasani, hair & make-up artist

•Louise Bunyan, LinkedIn specialist & digital marketing

•Sharon Huggard, personal stylist & coach

•Sherna Malone, skincare expert

You can visit here for more information.