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22nd May 2019

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Thinkhouse, the youth marketing agency, is collaborating with the Centre for Digital Business at Trinity College, Dublin to deliver  “Future-proofing Marketing – The Youth Perspective”, a report on the fast evolution of, and future of, marketing.

The report, which will be launched this Autumn, investigates youth attitudes and behaviours to marketing and advertising, to include the themes of data privacy and brand activism.

The Youth Lab (Thinkhouse’s insights, strategy & planning team) alongside Thinkhouse’s Social & Digital Team and students from Trinity’s MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy will deliver the report which is designed to provide industry guidance and knowledge to marketing professionals.

Claire Hyland, Head of The Youth Lab, Thinkhouse’s Insights and Strategy division, said; “We see this as a project of mutual learning benefit. As always, we are excited to support brilliant young minds, in this instance, a team of students who represent the future of marketing. With this project, the marketing industry has the opportunity to future-proof itself by learning from the next generation of marketeers. The first generation of wired marketers, who put sustainability and privacy top of their priority list and see digital as a natural means to a business solution, can inspire the industry to live up to their marketing expectations.”

The Trinity MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy is ranked 1st in the world for E-Business and Digital Marketing (Eduniversal 2018). Director of this programme and Director of Trinity Centre of Digital Business, Laurent Muzellec, said; “Part of our success comes down to our ongoing commitment to bring students closer to industry leaders and engage in marketing activities that have educational and industry value. It makes sense to collaborate with Thinkhouse, a future-focused agency committed to protecting young people from bad marketing.”

Students will undertake research over the summer months with their findings shared in a Thinkhouse-hosted “Future-proofing Marketing – The Youth Perspective” event in Autumn.

Jane Mc Daid, Thinkhouse’s Founder and Head of Creative Innovation (pictured), said; “We have always believed in the power of young people to deliver creative, innovative, thoughtful solutions to the biggest challenges of our times. Over the last 2 years, reverse-mentoring is a fast-growing part of our business. To me, this shows a new respect that generation Z and millennials have garnered, from business leaders in more recent times. Two decades ago, in marketing, young people were underestimated, or worse, ignored. Now – due to their progressive adoption to technology, their purposeful outlook and most importantly, their impact on our world – businesses and corporations are standing up and taking notice of young people. They recognise that they need to listen to, and understand, the next generation to fully understand the future.”

Trinity’s ‘MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy’ programme is ranked first in the world for E-Business and Digital Marketing (Eduniversal 2018) and Thinkhouse was listed as one of the World’s Leading Independent Agencies in a list compiled by Campaign Magazine, in collaboration with thenetworkone.

Highlights from the “Future-proofing Marketing – The Youth Perspective” will be shared this October.