Nuritas Announces New Collaboration to Tackle Muscle Atrophy

15th May 2019

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One of the hardest things in life, is seeing your parents or grandparents lose their mobility and independence as they age. This is very often connected to what the medical community calls muscle atrophy, also known as muscle loss, and it will affect everyone at some stage of their lives. Surprisingly, despite its high prevalence, there are no effective treatments for muscle atrophy. Therefore, Nuritas is joining forces with Prof. Luc van Loon of Maastricht University, a world leader in muscle health, to address this problem.

“This is an area of huge unmet medical need as there are no nutritional interventions that can preserve muscle mass and strength.” Said Luc van Loon, Professor of Physiology of Exercise and Nutrition at the Department of Human Biology at Maastricht University Medical Centre. “With our aging society, addressing muscle loss is of key importance to support healthy aging.”

Maintaining muscle mass is a complex multifactorial process where the balance between muscle protein synthesis and degradation is essential.  In 2018, using an integrative AI approach, Nuritas identified a natural peptide network which can redress imbalances in muscle metabolism. This peptide network has already provided some excellent results and will be entering the clinical trial phase, in collaboration with Prof Luc van Loon, this year.

“I’ve experienced the effects of muscle atrophy first hand with my own grandparents.  Seeing them struggle with their mobility and to see their quality of life reduce so dramatically, was very upsetting but it doesn’t have to be this way,” Said Dr Nora Khaldi, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Nuritas. “The benefit of artificial intelligence and machine learning, is that we can turn our discovery platform towards unmet medical needs which can accelerate real solutions that can work for people. The fact that we have gotten to the clinical stage so quickly is a testament to our technology”