A Well-Rounded Discussion from Guaranteed Irish and Guests

14th May 2019

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Guaranteed Irish, the not-for-profit business membership organisation championing 600+ homegrown and international businesses in Ireland, hosted a roundtable event at the InterContinental Hotel on this morning (Friday 10th May) which focused on developing the knowledge economy and positioning Ireland as a world leader in the provision of professional services – spanning the legal, tax, financial and regulatory sectors.

The speakers provided key insights into how Ireland can continue to provide ‘best in class’ professional services and the importance of promoting the sector as a key driver of the economy at a local and international level.

The event featured contributions on a range of topics from political and industry leaders, including:

Pictured as senior Government and business leaders attend the ‘Guaranteed Irish Advantage’, fintech and professional service roundtable is Brid O’Connell CEO, Guaranteed Irish, Francis Fitzgerald TD, Carmel Logan, Partner, KPMG, Paul Brandon, Head of Corporate Affairs, Irish Aviation Authority, Ruth Curran, Managing Partner, Merc, Michael Jackson, Managing Partner, Matheson, Cairn Bryans, Senior Country Officer, JP Morgan, Gary Brandon, CPO, Transfermate Global Payments and Anne Heraty, CEO, CPL Resources. Picture Andres Poveda

Finding opportunities for Ireland in a new Europe – Frances Fitzgerald TD (main picture with Brid O’Connell, CEO, Guaranteed Irish). Former Tánaiste and MEP candidate Frances Fitzgerald discussed how Ireland can best equip itself to thrive in a changed European landscape following the departure of the UK from the EU.

Innovation and infrastructure in the financial services sector – Carin Bryans, JP Morgan Ireland. Carin Bryans is Senior Country Officer with JP Morgan, and provided an insight into Ireland’s financial infrastructure from the perspective of leading multinationals in the country.

Working with Irish businesses to create flexible talent solutions – Anne Heraty, Cpl Resources Plc. CEO at Cpl Resources Anne Heraty assessed how businesses in Ireland can attract and retain high-quality staff.

Building on Ireland’s payment success stories – Gary Conroy, Transfermate Global Payments. Gary Conroy is CPO at Transfermate, and discussed the future prospects of Ireland’s booming financial transactions sector.

Professional services expertise and Ireland’s aviation sector – Paul Brandon, Irish Aviation Authority. Head of Corporate Affairs Paul Brandon discussed the role of world-class legal, tax, financial and regulatory expertise in driving Ireland’s aviation sector.

Attracting Irish Executives Abroad – Ruth Curran, Merc Partners. Ruth Curran is Managing Partner at executive search specialists Merc Partners. She described how addressing Ireland’s income tax structure will be central to attracting Irish executives abroad to return to the country.