Critical Healthcare Secures Significant Deal

25th March 2019

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Minister of State for European Affairs Helen McEntee recently announced that Irish company Critical Healthcare has signed a deal worth €10m over five years with the leading international private provider of emergency services in Europe.

Critical Healthcare provides a comprehensive range of medical products and services to the pre-hospital market and ambulance providers in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

It has completed the deal with Falck, a leading international private provider of emergency services and the only intercontinental ambulance provider.

Headquartered in Denmark, Falck has operations in 35 countries and its 2,500 ambulances respond to four million emergency calls each year. The company also provides a large number of other prehospital services, including emergency helicopters and rapid response units with paramedics, nurses and doctors.

Founded 18 years ago by Seamus Reilly and Anne Cusack (pictured) in the Midlands – where it is still headquartered – Critical Healthcare employs 22 full-time staff. That figure is set to at least double over the next five years as a result of the deal — which centres on Critical Healthcare’s multi award-winning procurement platform Medlogistix — as well as other work.

Medlogistix has dramatically improved the supply chain and procurement landscape for the National Ambulance Service of Ireland as well as multiple emergency service providers in the UK.

Critical Healthcare will now be rolling out Medlogistix for Falck across four countries – Demark, the UK, Germany and Spain. Critical Healthcare will become Falck’s single managed service provider for medical consumables and will have responsibility to manage some of Falck’s key manufacturers and producers.

The deal is estimated to be worth approximately €2 million per year over a period of five years – meaning a total contract value of €10 million. The new contract means that the company’s export sales will increase from accounting for 1% of its business three years ago to 60% in two years’ time.

Dr Anne Cusack, Managing Director and Co-founder, Critical Healthcare, said:

“We are absolutely thrilled with our collaboration with Falck and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them. This is a massive commitment by them to entrust this business with us and we are looking forward to being able to repay that trust by delivering a world-class, quality service to Falck across Europe.

 “The impact of this collaboration is an important milestone in the company’s progression and represents significant growth for us over the coming years. We have 22 directly employed staff in Westmeath, where our business is growing strongly. But with the new Falck deal, and other ongoing work, that number is set to increase further – by around 30 new hires over the next five years.”

Critical Healthcare also especially wanted to thank Enterprise Ireland for its help during the procurement process as well as for its Business Process Innovation grant, which assisted with the development of the Medlogistix.

Helen McEntee T.D., Minister of State for European Affairs, said: “It is heartening for me to witness an Irish SME such as Critical Healthcare achieve such fantastic growth through its commitment to innovation and customer service. The fact that Critical Healthcare is forging strong links in Denmark, the UK, Spain and Germany, while at the same time continuing to maintain its dominance in the Irish market and hiring significant numbers in the Midlands is a credit to the management and I wish them further success into the future. It is a wonderfully positive story for Ireland and for the Midlands.”

Marina Donohoe, Director of Enterprise Ireland’s UK and Northern Europe Operations, said: “Critical Healthcare, an Enterprise Ireland supported client, is a great example of the success and innovation that is emerging from Ireland and the deal announced {today} is hugely significant for the company and their Danish partners Falck.”