Building Craft & Design Enterprise Programme

16th January 2019

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Showcase Ireland is the annual Creative Expo, a business to business tradeshow, organised by the Design & Craft Council of Ireland (DCCOI). It takes place 20th to 23rd  January in the RDS, Dublin. Working in partnership with DCCOI, the 31 Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) around the country set up a dedicated area within Showcase every year.

A key element of LEO Dublin City’s and the DCCOI’s Building Craft and Design Enterprise Programme is participants can get an opportunity to display their designs in Showcase. This year we are supporting 5 emerging Irish designers and craftspeople to display their products in Showcase – Sandia Dublin, Fluttertree, BB Papercuts, Quirky Irish Icons and Gold Stitch. The event is promoted internationally and the show attracts buyers from all over the work including UK, USA, Mainland Europe and the Far East. It is a great opportunity for Irish designers and manufacturers to connect with international buyers.

The next Building Craft & Design Enterprise Programme commences in March 2019 and expressions of interest is currently open.  This is a seven month programme run in partnership between the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI) and the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Dublin City. The Programme attracts participants from ambitious craft & design enterprises who want to inject new ideas and approaches to product development into their practice. Applicants should:

  • Work full time in fashion/ ceramics/jewellery /accessories /furniture and have their brand/ label as their primary source of income;
  • Be interested in working with other designer-makers to grow their brand/label;
  • Be registered with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI).

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