Axonista Takes Positive Action!

22nd October 2018

Posted In: FYI

Axonista and Off the Fence is to launch the first interactive VOD platform dedicated to our future on this planet, The WaterBear Network.

Axonista, was co-founded by Claire McHugh, a recent finalist in the WMB Awards 2018. The leading video technology firm connects storytellers with new technology that unlocks value from their video content and enables them to grow, reach and convert new audiences quickly, and at scale.  With offices in Dublin and New York, Axonista works with global video brands, including QVC, Virgin Media and Viacom. Privately held Axonista is the recipient of funding from Enterprise Ireland and from the Horizon 2020 SME programme of the European Union.

Off the Fence is a 360° factual content company and produces, acquires, localises and distributes non-fiction programming. The company deliver a bespoke service to rights-owners from co-financing, localising content and maximising revenue and return on investment.

WaterBear Network’s mission is to connect, inform and empower individuals, companies and other organisations across the world to take action and have a positive impact on our future. NGO Launch partners for The WaterBear Network include WWF, Sea Shepherd, Tusk, and African Parks. Its platform will be powered by Ediflo, Axonista’s revolutionary technology for creating and distributing interactive video experiences.

The WaterBear Network is an interactive video-on-demand platform which is built on three primary pillars – Watch, Join, and Save.   Viewers will be inspired by premium content. They will join a fast-growing global community through the advanced interactive technology platform. Finally, they will be able to take action to improve our future by participating in local and global science, education and environmental initiatives. Off the Fence / WaterBear Network founder and owner, Ellen Windemuth has created this project with Off the Fence’s digital division headed by WaterBear MD Victor Eckard. The new technology will connect the world’s NGOs with the next generation of global changemakers. WaterBear has chosen to partner with Irish leading video technology company Axonista to develop the platform. 

Axonista CEO, Claire McHugh said “The WaterBear Network is one of the most inspiring and ambitious companies we’ve worked with, and a great use of new technology to augment digital storytelling and bring brands closer to their audience.”

Based upon strategic partnerships between the WaterBear Network and global and local NGOs, foundations, industry experts, educational institutions, scientists, photographers, musicians and celebrities, the premium content offered by the WaterBear Network will be significantly expanded with additional information regarding key environmental concerns, learnings, facts and solutions.

The WaterBear Network will fill an important gap between broadcasters/TV Networks and consumers, and Off The Fence will be working closely with the global broadcast partners to enable and facilitate the production and distribution of high quality films and series for people who care about our future on this planet.