Engage & Grow Launches in Ireland

19th September 2018

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“Chronic employee disengagement and underperformance is rampant in businesses throughout the country and it’s proving a big financial drain for Ireland Inc. What’s more, at a time when SME’s and Corporates are having a tough time attracting hard to find talent, Owners and Managers need to face up to the reality that Job Engagement matters to those they’re now seeking to employBased on a Gallup report and applied to Ireland, an equivalent of €3,400 of every €10,000 spent on salaries is wasted due to disengagement. But Ireland is not alone. Additionally, Gallup reported in The State of the Global Workplace that just over two thirds (67%) of employees are actively disengaged in their workplace costing almost €6 trillion euro in lost productivity.”

That’s according to Marina Bleahen, managing director of newly launched Engage & Grow Ireland. This international management phenomenon offers a quick and powerful methodology to activate employees and teams to become fully engaged and more profitable, transforming attitudes from “just showing up” to “loving what they do.”  She added: “The Engage & Grow system provides the long-awaited solution to the challenge of engagement, culture and performance. We say good bye to the long and protracted 360 process that many Irish businesses currently embrace and, instead, we get results fast. With Engage & Grow, we ensure we are clear on the challenges and desired outcomes, build a bespoke programme, measure engagement and transform the people and the business in 12 short weeks.”

Irish business simply cannot afford to ignore the need to invest in employee engagement as the new workforce are looking for fulfilment, development opportunities, continuous feedback and a coach rather than a boss who can meet the need for leveraging strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses. Our message with Engage & Grow is not to focus on the negative but instead focus on the opportunity to immediately boost your bottom line by creating a culture of engagement in your company which increases productivity.”

Marina Bleahen is an accomplished, certified Business & Executive Coach, Trainer & Engagement Specialist. With over 25 years’ experience in the fields of business, marketing and communications, Marina works with business owners and their teams to build sustainable, highly profitable enterprises.

Previously managing director of ActionCOACH and global director of strategic marketing with Elan Pharmaceuticals, Marina studied radiography in University College Dublin and ran a successful private clinic before joining Elan.  Marina has achieved award-winning results for businesses across the country. She has an impressive track record of improving team performance and productivity by transforming disengaged employees into highly engaged leaders who are passionate about delivering results for your business. You can find out more here>>