GirlCrew Seizes the APPortunity!

12th March 2018

Posted In: FYI

GirlCrew recently launched its app in the US, to provide women the opportunity to connect with like-minded women and expand their community of friends.

The Irish-founded social network has raised a seed round of almost $1 million from investors and the funding will allow GirlCrew to expand across the US city by city, with thousands of women already on waiting lists to get the app.

Harnessing the soaring demand for friendship and community, GirlCrew has tapped into a market; facilitating friendship in person, even in an ever-digitised era.  First dating moved online, now friend making is going online.

GirlCrew has created a unique platform, available on iOS, Android and desktop, focused on connecting women for friendship and chats.  Although a digital community, its aim is to facilitate in-person friendships, offering an additional channel in which to do so – find a group of girls to travel with, meet for coffee, start a business. Anything is possible with ‘the crew’.  Members can participate in online group chats and offline events such as brunch, hikes or nights out.

GirlCrew’s three female co-founders (pictured) — Pamela Newenham, Aine Mulloy and Elva Carri  — are passionate about enabling women to make friends, network in a social and professional capacity, seek advice and share knowledge.

Pamela Newenham, co-CEO of GirlCrew said, “We believe real friendships happen in person, however sometimes you need a nudge and an extra channel in order to meet these new like-minded people. So many people have either moved to a new city, or have found themselves at a different life stage to their friends, either because their friends are getting married, settling down etc. As a result, they need new friends, but making friends as an adult can be hard.”