Gender Intelligence in the Workplace

6th March 2018

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Dr. Maureen Gaffney, psychologist, author and broadcaster will discuss the critical role of ‘Gender Intelligence’ in the workplace at an event in Dublin to be jointly hosted by RSM Ireland and McDowell Purcell on international Women’s Day, Thursday March 8th.

Gender Intelligence now needs to be added to the portfolio of competencies necessary for individual and business success, according to Dr. Gaffney. She says a lack of understanding and awareness of how the male and female brains work differently is hindering very necessary progress in gender equality; “Poor gender intelligence can create a lack of understanding in the way men and women relate in their personal and work lives,” said Dr. Gaffney. “It can result in unhappy relationships and non-optimum recruitment and promotion practices, resulting in the underuse of women’s strengths and talents, particularly at senior level. It also deprives organisations of the critical competitive advantage that gender intelligence confers.”

Consulting Partner and Head of Management Consulting with RSM’s Ireland, Catherine Corcoran said, “We are delighted to have such a remarkable speaker to share her insights on this special day for women around the world. Dr. Gaffney is highly recognised for her work with multi-nationals on a range of issues, including how to build strong, diverse, emotionally–intelligent leadership, teams and work cultures. We look forward to hearing her presentation and learning more about the increasingly important issue of gender intelligence in the workplace.”