Nestlé and Nuritas Join the Dots

8th February 2018

Posted In: FYI

Nuritas is a rapidly growing, award-winning digital biotechnology and R&D company, which has created remarkable interest globally for its peptide-finding platform capabilities. It was founded by Dr. Nora Khaldi who is Chief Scientific Officer at the company.

Nestlé and Nuritas have entered into a collaboration aiming at discovering bioactive peptide networks within specific target areas of significant value.

In order to achieve the common goal, Nuritas will deploy its award-winning and novel technology platform, which uses Artificial Intelligence and DNA analysis to predict, unlock, and validate highly efficacious peptides, exclusively from natural food sources. Nestlé will use their considerable scientific know-how and applications expertise to validate the efficacy of these new discoveries within the target applications.

“At Nuritas our mission is to positively impact billions of lives worldwide and we therefore are delighted to be collaborating with Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company on such an important project. We are really looking forward to beginning this impactful journey together”, said Nora Khaldi, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Nuritas.

Richard Stadler at the Nestlé Research Centre said: “As our understanding of food and nutrition continues to grow, our global research and development network is looking ahead to discover how we can help enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future for everyone. Research partnerships such as that with Nuritas help us achieve that goal.”

(Pictured: Dr Nora Khaldi, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Nuritas and Emmet Browne, CEO of Nuritas. © Kieran Harnett)