8th February 2018

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Marking their decade in online business, founders of Jill Holtz and Michelle Davitt along with Emily Manning, Editor, hosted a birthday party recently at National Museum of Ireland (Decorative Arts and History), Collins Barracks.

In today’s world parents are stretched and pulled between being a parent, work, caring for family members and other responsibilities, so the balancing and juggling act is constant – has created a library of blogs and posts, with useful and knowledgeable information as well as life-hacks for parents which not only saves them time and money but also improve later the quality of their lives.

Founded in 2007 as a local listings website in Galway, has evolved into a nationally trusted online brand for parents. ‘There has been a big shift from desk top access to mobile, from the way that digital content is created, to social media arriving on the scene.  We’ve seen great developments in parenting methods as well as the use of technology and gadgets. We are constantly looking ahead to keep abreast of these innovations,’ said Jill.

In the ten years they have built up a substantial following with 91,000 parents on their monthly mailing list, Google verified 3.3million pageviews in 2017, a whopping 630,000 fans and followers on social media.

Jill Holtz, co-founder of commented “We started before the recession hit so it couldn’t really have been a worse time to grow a business. While it has been a rollercoaster, I can say it has been exciting to grow and build a community of active parents who trust what we tell them.”

Michelle Davitt, co-founder, said, “With our team of home-based parents working on compiling quality information for our audience, we’ve been able to offer ‘flexible working’ while at the same time tap into the ideal content creators – parents trust what other parents tell them.”

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(Pictured: Jill Holtz and Michelle Davitt, Co-founders of Photo: Andrew Downes, xposure)