The Leadership Rooms

15th November 2017

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Founded by former Google director and leadership coach Natalie Bagnall and one of Ireland’s best known career performance coaches Jane Downes, ‘The Leadership Rooms’ offers a world class coaching format which blends the best of international and domestic executive leadership and development training.

The programme empowers participants to bring out the best in themselves, others and their environment through optimising their leadership skills and creating space to think. The Leadership Rooms format is based on 4 key pillars of leadership and how they interact with each other: you, your career, your team and your work environment. It involves a journey of progression through a virtual series of room concepts where people learn how best to tackle the particular challenges relevant to each room. Once they have completed the tasks and dealt with the issues in one section, they then move on to the next virtual room subject.  This approach provides participants with insights regarding how they tend to react in situations and tools to help them thrive in their real life leadership roles.

The leadership development program is available for groups of up to twelve delegates and facilitated in a stimulating and fun environment. Natalie Bagnall and Jane Downes have amassed a wealth of complementary skills and knowledge through years of experience in top level executive coaching and leadership.

The Leadership Rooms’ ‘Top Tips’ for anyone in a professional leadership capacity include: 1. Recognise your personal leadership style and develop your self awareness by identifying intrinsic strengths as well as areas for improvement. With these, you can then build a career progression plan.  2. Take control of and responsibility for your own career, its direction and development. You are the best driver of your own career progression. 3. Nurture the people around you and curate their talents; you are only as successful as your team.  4. The art of influence is a soft skill that delivers key results. Don’t underestimate its power.

Natalie Bagnall, explains, “Creating mental space for high level managers to lead effectively and giving leaders the tools to effect those changes for themselves in times of stress is an asset that they can utilise on a daily basis.  Highly functioning managers need to be able to reflect and analyse under pressure in order to extract their own potential, so that they can drive their teams to reach their joint potential also.”

Jane Downes, continues,  “We believe that we have created an exceptional leadership training programme and one which is equal if not better than many comparable international courses.  What makes our course standout amongst others is that we combine the best of international leadership training with our own local knowledge to tailor specific scenarios to the needs of Irish executives.”