It’s all Action at IFB

20th July 2017

Posted In: FYI

Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board (IFB) has announced a number of new funding initiatives specifically targeted at incentivising female writers, directors and producers, in order to directly increase female representation in the Irish film, television and animation industry.

Since the IFB announced it’s ‘Six Point Gender Plan” in December 2015 aimed at addressing the under-representation of women in Irish film, considerable progress has been made in terms of encouraging female writers, directors and producers into the sector through training initiatives and through the IFB short film schemes.

The IFB stated its intention in the 6 point plan to achieve 50/50 parity of funding within three years. However, the actual number of funding applications received by the IFB on an ongoing basis, with female writers and directors attached remains relatively low. Therefore, the IFB will roll out a number of ground-breaking funding initiatives focused on increased production and development funding for female led projects and a female focused low budget production funding initiative. These initiatives are aimed at incentivising female talent into the sector and encouraging Irish production companies through the provision of additional funding to develop Irish female talent.

Commenting on the new initiatives Dr Annie Doona, IFB Chair said “These initiatives represent the continued commitment of the IFB to achieving gender parity within the film, television and animation sector. We are of the view that whilst a lot of been achieved in developing the careers of female writers and directors, not enough has been achieved in relation to increasing the actual funding applications received by the IFB, with female talent attached. I believe these direct funding initiatives will incentivise an increased number of applications from female led talent and will support, empower and elevate Irish female talent working within the Industry. 50/50 parity of funding remains our goal.”

The new funding initiatives include:

Low Budget Film Production & Training Scheme for female talent

Enhanced Production Funding for female initiated and driven feature films

Development Focus for female initiated feature films

Establishment of the Gender Equality and Diversity Subcommittee

IFB will introduce a targeted strategy to promote female talent in the sector increasing their visibility, celebrating achievements, supporting their work and promoting gender equality widely to new and existing practitioners as well as the public.

Comprehensive information on each of these Initiatives (the exact details of which are subject to change) will be announced in the coming months and will be made available on the IFB website.