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8th February 2017

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A new leadership development programme called SOAR has been launched to support women in being powerful leaders while managing the complexities and challenges that come from being a female in a senior role. Research internationally indicates that lack of role models, low self-confidence, lack of appropriate mentoring, lower levels of risk taking and limited access to appropriate networking opportunities continue to be the main challenges facing female leaders in 2017.

In response to these challenges 3 experienced leadership coaches have designed an intensive leadership development programme. Miriam O’Connell said, “A shared passion for leadership inspired myself, Betty O’Callaghan and Kerry O’Keeffe to establish Mojo For Leaders. Our philosophy is that perfection does not make great leaders. Real, flawed human beings do – when they have the drive to lead, the courage to step up and keep learning, the compassion to truly connect with people and the wisdom to care for themselves and tap into their intuition. Armed with academic research and on-the-ground conversations with leaders in Ireland, we have created leadership development and coaching programmes that help people fully own their space at the leadership table. The SOAR Programme is one example aimed specifically at addressing the challenges women face in finding and sustaining their leadership mojo”.

The programme is delivered in 5 one day modules, each with a different theme and held at Barnabrow Country House in East Cork and interspersed with one-to-one coaching sessions. This is complemented with quarterly informal mojo meet-ups to keep in touch with fellow participants and with the latest in leadership thinking. The learning process is continued with successful women forging their own leadership path invited to share their stories.

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Pictured: (L to R): Miriam O’Connell, Kerry O’Keeffe and Betty O’Callaghan. Image: Darragh Kane.