Forget the Fad Diet

14th December 2016

Posted In: WMB Living

With only 8% of us thought to be able to stick to our New Years’ resolutions each year, time and time again we make unrealistic goals to try and feel better about ourselves, but ultimately our failure to stick to them can make us feel frustrated and disappointed – just in time for the January blues to set in.

House of Colour stylist Maria Macklin from Monaghan/Louth argues that there are many ways to bring change, motivation and positivity to our lives in 2017, including by ensuring we have the right colours in our wardrobes, and that our clothes are chosen to reflect our inherent personality and fit our body shape. No need for a fad diet this January? Ok that got us listening.

The Right Colours

We know what we wear significantly affects our confidence so why are we still wearing the wrong colours? Maria says: “It’s really easy to gravitate towards colours which we’ve been wearing all our lives. For example, many people resort to black as their go-to colour, because they’ve been sold the myth that black looks good on everyone, a myth, that isn’t true. Black is only flattering to people whose colouring is from winter part of the colour wheel, and can make people from other seasons look tired and dull.

“Wearing the right colours affects our mood, thoughts and mental processes and we look and feel bright and energised. So, if you are looking to start the new year with a bang, wear the colours that are right for the pigment in your skin and enjoy the compliments that inevitably will follow.”

The Pyramid Wardrobe

House of Colour recommends a pyramid structured approach to building a complete wardrobe with your every-day go to clothes in your best neutrals as the base. The pyramid wardrobe comprises the building blocks of your wardrobe and there should be fewer items per level as you go up. The bottom is the base and comprises essentials both in terms of the clothing, style and colour from your neutrals, denim, base shirts or blouses, winter coat and smart jackets or jumpers. The middle level contains bolder patterns and textures that suit your style and colour palette. These are probably what House of Colour will call your ‘wow’ colours – perhaps a smart mustard cardigan for autumns, or a deep burgundy for winters. The top level are your statement items which people will notice immediately.  You can get more information here.