Workplace Anxiety – How Do We Fare?

26th October 2016

Posted In: WMB Living

Mental health and anxiety are becoming less taboo topics in modern Ireland but how many of us would feel comfortable admitting to our employers that we’re struggling? And how would we expect our workplace to react?

Words: Áilin Quinlan

Employers are realising that even what goes on outside the workplace – the stress caused by parenting problems, for example, or a poor work-life balance – as well as workplace anxiety or bullying can have a significant impact on an employee’s performance.

Recent research has highlighted the modern phenomenon of the ‘overwhelmed employee’. A major study carried out by Deloitte in 2014 found that more than half of the respondents to its Human Capital Trends survey believed their organisations were not doing a good job helping workers address information overload in today’s demanding work environment.

There’s far more awareness now amongst employers of the importance of employee wellbeing, counters Maureen Brogan, Director of HR at Ibec – the group that represents Irish business both domestically and internationally. She says this also manifests in the creation of effective in-house policies on everything from bullying to an employer’s approach to induction and employee development and performance management.

Companies are realising the importance of ensuring their managers have awareness about how employees can be supported and the impact their management style can have on that person. “Most organisations now would be very aware how important a culture of support is in an organisation. Ultimately you want to have caring, kindness, empathy and a collegiate approach. This is a sound business approach.”

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