Final Call For Rural Female Entrepreneurs

14th September 2016

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This is the final call for applicants the second year of “ACORNS”, a six month part time development programme for aspiring rural female entrepreneurs. 

Fully funded under the Department’s CEDRA Rural Development and Innovation Fund, the initiative is focused on developing the potential of female entrepreneurs living in rural Ireland who have recently started a business or who have taken concrete steps towards setting up a business. There is no charge for successful applicants.

A core element of the ACORNS initiative is the involvement of ‘Lead Entrepreneurs’, who have already started and successfully grown businesses in rural Ireland. These business women, on a voluntary basis, facilitate the interactive round table sessions, act as role models and mentor the successful applicants.

The pilot participants expect to achieve significant further growth in sales, employment and in the number of exporters by the end of 2016. They are being offered the opportunity of further ACORNS support to assist them to achieve their ambitious targets.

Paula Fitzsimons is the founder of Fitzsimons Consulting, the company awarded the contract to design, develop and implement the latest phase of the ACORNS programme, following its successful implementation of the ACORNS pilot. She said, “The objective of ACORNS is to equip these early stage entrepreneurs with the appropriate knowledge, confidence and networks to successfully start and develop sustainable businesses. The ACORNS approach provides a safe, supportive, challenging, informative and highly collaborative environment where entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs, learn from each other, and benefit from positive peer pressure. In addition to being of benefit to the individuals concerned, the knock on impact of the ACORNS programme for local communities and the wider Irish economy is very significant.”

 The deadline for application for this year’s ACORNS programme is Thursday 22 September 2016. Interested female entrepreneurs can access information and register their interest at