Jenny Reynolds, Topper

2nd August 2016

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Jenny Reynolds

Every month we speak to women entrepreneurs who have just launched into the business world.

In the hot seat for August’s Women Who Launch is Jenny Reynolds, Topper.


The Elevator Pitch

Topper Technology is the first of its kind mobile app that enables businesses to process credit card payments. No grief, no gadget, no gizmo – just great!


The Operation

Location: Dublin

Employees: One – just myself so far! All software development has been outsourced to date.

Aspirations: Audacious! We’re excited about our new ‘bells & whistles’ Topper version en route to market and look forward to becoming the ‘Go to APP’ for all SMEs on a European and Global scale.

We are currently in our pre-launch phase, our iOS app is available for download on iPhone and we’re in the process of creating our Android version with a planned release later this year. Our current customers love the ease of transaction and our pricing model is particularly designed to suit small business with no monthly charge or overheads, just simply a small transaction fee per payment processed.


The Financials

I currently work full time as Director of Honda Ireland, part of the REDCO group in Dublin Ireland. I have funded the start-up business in its entirety thus far and invested just over €30,000 on the project to date.


Target Market

At Topper our core aim is to assist small businesses to transact as professionally as a multinational without the expense or heartache of complex systems and credit card terminals. With support technology on appointments, events and customer relationship management inbuilt we can truly enable small to medium sized businesses to transact and engage with their customers in a professional manner. Our main target market consists of service provider businesses/individuals selling products or services to a customer base. A sample list of some of our current customers are as follows: business consultants, architects, product sellers at trade shows/events, motivational speakers and life coaches.

With Topper in hand a small business will never miss a sale opportunity as their terminal is their phone which will always travel with them.


Brands You Love

I’m an avid fan of Hailo. I love their easy to use technology coupled with their straight line business model. At Topper, we aim to be the ‘Hailo for small business owners’. With a secure backbone system integrated with Stripe for payment processing we are quite similar to Hailo and most importantly at the heart of our technology we strive to provide the most pleasant user experience possible for our customers.


Biggest ‘Win’ To Date

Despite being at pre-launch phase, Topper secured the Bronze Award for ‘Digital/Online Start-up of the Year 2015’ with Bank of Ireland.  Earlier this year, Topper was also selected from a total of 427 applicants as an ‘AIB Start-up Academy Finalist’ in association with the Irish Times.


Biggest ‘Slap in the Face’

Realising the timelines of business evolution particularly with regard to software development. As a results orientated person, the timelines were incredibly frustrating to begin with. However, having met many start-ups in the field, I came to terms with the fact that the majority of start-ups face the same hurdles and time lapse delays. The important thing is just to keep focused and maintain the drive and determination to acknowledge that continuous improvement and reiteration of your offering is essential to ensure you can provide the perfect product to match market requirements.


Are You Social When It Comes To Media?

Social media will play a huge part in our brand. Topper aims to be the ‘one stop shop’ for small businesses that want no grief, no gadgets and no gizmos! SMEs just simply want to get paid for the products and services they provide and we want to help them to do just that!

Our target market are users of lots of social media streams advertising their own products and services. The key channels, whereby we hope to reach out to those potential Topper customers after our launch later this year, would be LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Technology & Innovation

Technology is our heart. I have worked with incredible systems over the last ten years and I have always felt that the small business sector deserved technology that would enable them to operate at optimum efficiency. My mission is to bring state of the art technology to the SME segment without the extortionate expense.


Business Model You’d Like To Emulate

I admire the clean, clear and crisp functionality of both Hailo and Airbnb.


If you had a blank cheque

1) Hire the team, 2) Advertise on a global scale and 3) Invite our Topper customers to an incredible launch as they are the special ones currently with us at our infancy!


Your Traits – Best and Worst 

Best – Hardworking, Driven, Determined.

Worst – Tendency to burn the candle at both ends, stubborn and impatient for results.


Best Business Lunch Date

I know I’m a bit obsessed but it would have to be one of the Hailo co-founders – Jay Bregman CEO, Ron Zeghibe Executive Chairman, Caspar Woolley COO, Russell Hall, Gary Jackson, or Terry Runham.


Ideal Business Partner 

I’ve witnessed talent at all tiers throughout my working life to date. I like to work with people that generate creations outside the norm and drive them through to fruition to realise their vision despite any inevitable obstacles. That person could be 20 or 80 but if they have that Topper spark they will be welcome in any business venture with me.


Best business advice 

‘The moment when you want to quit is the moment when you need to keep pushing.’