‘Fuelling Ambition Roadshow’ Limerick June 8th

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fuelling ambition

Enterprise Ireland and Network Ireland, the leading networking organisation for women in business in Ireland, have joined forces to organise nationwide Roadshows targeting female entrepreneurs.

The “Fuelling Ambition” Roadshows will encourage female entrepreneurs, or those considering starting their own business, to be braver and more ambitious in their plans for growth and success. The objective is to encourage and support female entrepreneurs to maximise their full potential on the road to business success.

The final installment will take place in Limerick following roadshows across the country. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from three successful female entrepreneurs based in the Mid-West. Martina Skelly, Founder and CEO of Yellow Schedule Ltd, Birgitta Curtin, Founder and CEO of The Burren Smokehouse Ltd., and Bernie Carroll, Founder and CEO of Student Progammes Ireland Ltd., will share their insights on starting and scaling a company in the Mid-West Region of Ireland.

Location: The Savoy Hotel, Limerick