Most Reputable Firms In Ireland Revealed

29th April 2016

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Bord Bia has been named the most reputable organisation in Ireland, according to the annual Ireland RepTrak® 2016 study, announced by The Reputations Agency today. The other four ranked in the top five were: Eason & Son (2nd), An Post (3rd), Google (4th) and Lidl (5th).

This is the seventh year of the most comprehensive study of corporate reputations undertaken in Ireland.  The study was compiled by The Reputations Agency and their global partners the Reputation Institute and ranks the 100 largest and most visible organisations in Ireland based on 5,093 responses gathered from the general public from 4th January to 14th March 2016. 

This year’s report shows that organisations operating in food related sectors were among those with the top reputations, with eight ranked in the top 20 – Bord Bia (1st), Lidl (5th), Aldi (7th), SuperValu (11th), Kellogg’s (14th ), Glanbia (15th), Cadbury (16th) and Kerry Group (20th). Indigenous Irish organisations were also well represented in the top rankings with four listed in the coveted top six positions – Bord Bia (1st), Eason & Son (2nd), An Post (3rd), and The Irish League of Credit Unions (6th).

The independent study ranked each company on its RepTrak® Pulse score, representing an average measure of four emotional indicators: trust, esteem, admiration and good feeling. It also studied how organisations were rated across the seven more rational dimensions of reputation  –  leadership, products & services, innovation, governance, workplace, performance and citizenship.

Announcing the results Niamh Boyle, Managing Director, The Reputations Agency said “In a rapidly changing global economy, it’s more important than ever for companies to gain the trust and esteem of the general public, in order to earn a strong reputation.  The strength of that reputation drives supportive behaviours, ranging from purchasing the company’s products and welcoming the company into its community,  to wanting to work for the company or even invest in it – on average top ten companies receive three times the level of support from consumers than bottom ten companies.  The results of the Ireland RepTrak 2016 tell us which companies are held in the highest repute and why, and give us unique insights into what drives trust and support in the Irish market.”

The top 10 companies are:

1.      Bord Bia

2.      Eason & Son

3.      An Post

4.      Google

5.      Lidl

6. Irish League of Credit Unions

7. Aldi

8. BMW

9. Ford

10. Boots