Áine Behan, Cortechs

18th April 2016

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Aine Behan

Every month we speak to women entrepreneurs who have just launched into the business world.

In the hot seat for April’s Women Who Launch is Áine Behan, Cortechs.


The Elevator Pitch

We have invented brain powered play; by using brainwaves, games and science, we provide children with engaging games to learn to improve their focus.


The Operation

Dublin based primarily. Six staff and world domination obviously :). We want to scale and are targeting the global digital health market to be a global provider of brainwave sensing solutions for attention (and many more applications of this on the map!) beyond our first game Zip and the Misty Mountain.


The Financials

As a HPSU Enterprise Ireland client after receiving the competitive startup fund from Enterprise Ireland in Summer 2015, we are currently with NDRC as part their Catalyser portfolio but readying for our first investment round so all go …hello investors :). We also have been selling our Zip and the Misty Mountain game and headset to 6-11 year olds since its launch in Winter 2015.


Target Market

We are interested in parents, carers, guardians and many more looking for fun, science-backed solutions to help their distracted kids tackle how to improve their attention. Children need to learn skill sets to be more focused and self-aware in the early days otherwise learning life skills for learning and for socialising with others can be lost. We are particularly interesting in providing alternatives or additional tools to improving the symptoms of attention deficit behaviours in ADHD and more conditions (which drugs do not currently address).


Brands You Love

For business, Slack and Keeper are my friend and their engaging quips with the users on the apps is legend. I’m also loving those companies that give genuinely interesting titbits of information for families online to help them make difficult aspects of day-to-day family life easier (and if they can do it in a light and fun way then I am even more impressed). Mykidstime, Essential Kids and ADHD kids rock are fine examples of this on FB. I am 100% behind companies and brands that share content and promote the importance of self-awareness to empower kids and mental health across all ages.


Biggest ‘Win’ To Date

Since I left the academic world of neuroscience and lecturing to become an entrepreneur, there are a lot more unknowns and daily challenges in this world so I have become a firm believer in the importance of celebrating the small wins. Given that there can be some tough days that you need to battle on through cookies and coffees help too (ask my workmates and colleagues). Hitting our Zip and the Misty Mountain product dev deadlines, our first sale, securing NDRC investment and EU funding are some of the many small and big wins that I have celebrated!


Biggest ‘Slap in the Face’

Having doors closed on you may not be a slap in the face but it is hard hearing ‘you are not there yet’.


Are You Social When It Comes To Media?

It is the way that people gauge who we are behind the label, what we are passionate about and what we do. We have been using social media to build our followers; we create our own content on the important of focus but we also share important tips, research and resources for parents and children from thought leaders in the same space that want to give parents the best tools to be content and have happy kids.


Technology & Innovation

We are using tech to build better solutions to tackling everyday issues around our health and wellness so innovation through using tech is at the forefront of what we build. I like gadgets and love my iPhone but I really try hard (sometimes fail miserably) to balance the digital distraction with using it to improve my quality of life!


Business Model You’d Like To Emulate

Keep it lean all the way.


If you had a blank cheque

– Pay off debts of those near and dear and become an investor

– Invest in mental health supports and improve Irish healthcare (large ask but still)

– Love learning and knowledge so might go back to college to become vet or doc.


Your Traits – Best and Worst 

– Attention to detail (Best and Worst)

– Personable (Best)

– Motivation, get-up-and-go (Best)

– Taking on too many tasks (Worst).


Ideal Business Partner (Dead or Alive)

I want to meet Richard Branson – his drive and passion is phenomenal and he gets job done with smile and humour in tow.