Tara van Zyl, seamless

7th September 2015

Posted In: Women Who Launch
Tara Van Zyl

Every month we speak to women entrepreneurs who have just launched into the business world.

In the hot seat for September’s Women Who Launch is: Tara van Zyl, seamless.


The Elevator Pitch

seamless is an innovative platform offering the film and television industry a private and highly secure solution for real-time approvals, notifications, and communication.


The Operation

seamless is a very early stage start up, I am the only full time team member so far and software development is outsourced.


The Financials

In January this year, I started on Enterprise Ireland’s ‘New Frontiers Phase 2’ programme. Participants receive a grant that allows them to focus on their start up full time. The remainder is self-funded.


Target Market

My target market is the international film and television industry: major motion picture studios;  film and TV production companies; broadcast companies; and individuals who work in the industry.


Brands You Love

I recently did the Guinness Storehouse tour here in Dublin. A 9,000 year lease on a business property? That’s a big vision. Guinness has a very strong brand. Arthur Guinness’s message is alive in everything they do: ‘Think Big’.


Biggest ‘Win’ To Date

Last summer I participated in the NDRC Female Founders programme and won. That was the big win that started the ‘seamless’ journey.


Biggest ‘Slap in the Face’

There have been little wins and there have been an equal number of little disappointments, but no big slaps, and certainly nothing that has kept me down for long.


Are You Social When It Comes To Media?

Last year I returned to college to study Digital Marketing – digital marketing and social media is very important. At the moment while I am planning my digital strategies, I use social media to build the brand’s tone and voice and to listen.


Technology & Innovation

At the moment, technology/innovation is my life! My ethos is all about making life easier for people using technology.


A Business Model You Would Like To Emulate

I would love to emulate Amazon. But then again, who wouldn’t?


If you had a blank cheque

I would do an ‘Arthur Guinness’ and Go Big:

– More money would progress seamless at a much faster speed.

– I would go bigger on my beta product and reach.

– I would hire l the team members to really kick this start-up into high gear.

– And I would be ‘giving back’ with the company’s philanthropy plan right now.


Best Traits

– I am fiercely determined.

– I am positive and optimistic

– I am not afraid of change, I love change.


Worst Traits

– I can be a little impatient at times, I want it all now!

– My impatience to get the job done makes me hasty.

– I tend to over multitask.


Best Business Lunch Date

My Dad! He passed away before I started college. As well as a lot of catching up to do, I’d love to sit down and chew the fat with him about business. He was a businessman, a team manager and an entrepreneur.


Ideal Business Partner (dead or alive)

I am in search of a co-founder, so I have been thinking about this one. Someone with a fire in their belly who wants to make something great. I would like to go into business with someone who is driven to succeed.


Best Advice to pass on

If you can dream it, and you can believe it, then you CAN achieve it.