Launched by Data Ireland

8th July 2015

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Darina Heavey

Data Ireland launched its new database software

It is an information platform that combines freely available population statistics including Census information from 2011 and the CSO Household Budget Survey with Data Ireland’s own layers of database intelligence.

Overlaid with a client’s own data, it allows firms to get the clearest picture currently available of Irish households in terms of key demographics, spending patterns and characteristics.

“All businesses want to find the ideal customer and delivers that. The first software of its type in this country, it will completely transform how business interacts with Big Data,” says Darina Heavey Head of Sales, Data Ireland.

Heavey adds: “Whether you’re a new F.D.I. company looking for areas with a high number of French speaking technology graduates within a 20 km radius of the nearest airport or you’re an insurance company looking for families with adult children living in Co. Louth, all of whom are likely to drive, can help you access these groups of people.