The Ramblings Of A Working Mum: A Diary Like No Other!

11th May 2015

Posted In: WMB Living

Since when did life get so busy? I find myself checking my availability on a regular basis. In fact, I do it so often now that I can almost imagine what it must be like to be a celeb albeit without the opulent lifestyle! I think my diary will implode with the pressure and lest you think I’m a party animal, well that went out the day my little princess arrived into my world.

Perhaps I need to clarify, it’s not my diary that’s so heavily in demand, it’s hers. Over the next month we have after-school rehearsals to build up to the end of year show; sports day; parents night; readathon (of sorts); garden fete; the must attend hockey blitz and oh yes, cramming for those all-important exams. This excludes birthday parties, play dates, sleepovers and other important happenings.

I also think I getting too soft, especially about the academic side of mini me’s life! Of late, she has morphed into one of those rather lippy young things with awful twang to boot, who parade around thinking the world owes them. I’ve always said ‘you get out of life what you put in’ which appears to be landing on deaf little ears at the moment!

I’ve put her lack of focus down to hormones, which can only mean one thing – I have a very long and rocky road ahead. For the moment though, it’s best foot forward as I manoeuvre my way through the maze of Prep 4 Maths, English, Science and Irish and pray that my little woman will make like a sponge and soak up my many warnings and indeed her textbooks in time…